The wellbeing of our Bayside community is our highest priority and with the current restrictions in place until 1am Friday 22 January 2021, we ask that you keep in mind the following on your next visit to the Plaza and do your bit to keep the Bayside CovidSafe.

What you can do to assist:

  • WEAR A FACE MASK.  As directed by the Queensland Government, wearing a mask in shopping centres and supermarkets is mandatory. ou must have a mask with you at all times and it must also by worn when using public transport or taxis/rideshare. There are some exceptions to wearing a face mask, including:
    • children under 12
    • a person eating, drinking or taking medicine
    • where visibility of the mouth is essential
    • where a mask needs to be removed to clearly communicate
    • a person with a particular medical condition or disability
    • a person undergoing medical treatment
    • if a person is asked to remove a face mask for identity purposes
    • if wearing a mask creates a risk to a person’s health and safety
    • for emergencies or when allowed by law
    • in any circumstances when it’s not safe to wear a mask.
  • You can remove your face mask while eating and drinking at our food retailers.
  • Practice good hygiene. Sanitise and wash your hands regularly.  You’ll find sanitising stations at centre entries.  Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Social distance - keep 1.5m apart from others.  Come back later if it’s busy.
  • Stay home if you are unwell.
  • Adhere to restrictions regarding limits of customers permitted in stores.  Retailers will display signage advising of maximum limits for their individual store.  If the store is at capacity, queue outside the store and wait your turn to enter or come back later.
  • Give your contact details at relevant retailers in case we need to contact you.

What we're doing to assist:

Our retailers are a part of what makes up our community, and the Bayside spirit of supporting local businesses by pulling together collectively will help to overcome these uncertain times. 

We are open for your daily needs and services but also respect the Government regulations. 

We are proactive in ensuring a safe shopping environment. 

Additional enhancements to our current high standard of cleanliness and other precautionary measures include: 

  • Increased cleaning frequency of touch points.
  • Dedicated additional cleaning staff.
  • Sanitising stations at main entries.
  • Education of retailers, contractors and centre staff on the latest health authority advice.
  • Cancellation of January school holiday entertainment events.

 A helping hand (not literally!). 

To find the latest information and health advice on COVID-19 we recommend the following link:

Stay safe Baysiders.